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Rewards Are Here at Hookah Wholesalers!

Rewards are now here with Hookah Wholesalers! You can now earn credit in several different ways and it’s easier than ever!...

You’re getting what you need so why not get back some of that cost? Every time you shop with Hookah Wholesalers you earn credit to use in the future! Save by earning rewards, and with flat rate shipping costs you save even more. 

Fully qualified, new accounts with Hookah Wholesalers automatically earn 2000 points. That's $20 off your next purchase! If you’ve been with us for a while then you’re already signed up! Each order you place earns you credit that you can use toward a future purchase. The more you order, the more you gain! For all the in-depth details on the Hookah Wholesalers Rewards Program please refer to this page

Hookah Wholesalers Sign Up for an AccountHookah Wholesalers Sign Up for an Account

Let’s get down to the basics. You’re earning points but how do you use them? Reward Points that you have earned can be redeemed in $20 increments on any order, up to $100. If you’re not ready to cash in your Rewards, no worry! Your earned credit will stay active for 12 months as long as you continue to place orders with Hookah Wholesalers.

You can view your Reward Points on your account by logging in. Your Rewards balance will be updated after your previous shipment has been processed and shipped from our warehouse. Please keep in mind that Reward Points can not be redeemed for cash, and Reward Points can not be used along with a discount. However, Bob, tell them what they’ve won!

Hookah Wholesalers Sign Up for an AccountHookah Wholesalers Sign Up for an Account

The more active you are with Hookah Wholesalers the more you climb the ladder! Every time you move up, you earn more. At the basic level, you earn 1 point per dollar spent. As you move up, you can earn 1.5x or 2x the Rewards! You can also refer a friend to earn credit. If you refer a friend they can earn $200 on their first order of $1500 or more, AND you also earn $200 for spreading the word!

It’s a no brainer. Get back on what you’re spending. Earn more by getting what you need.