Tangiers Pear Watermelon - The Shisha flavor we all love

Tangiers Pear Watermelon - The Shisha flavor we all love

You know Tangiers, you love it, but have you tried Pear-Watermelon...

Tangiers Pear Watermelon, the flavor you never knew you needed.


Few brands can claim a cult following like Tangiers. Since its inception, hookah smokers have chased their unique flavors, and robust tobacco notes.  Tangiers is a dark leaf tobacco so it has a much higher nicotine hit and more tobacco flavor undertones than your modern shisha brands. It requires a bit of a different packing technique which you can see here How to Load Tangiers Tobacco  Coming from California where Tangiers is king, it has been a staple of my hookah journey almost from day 1, and still is to this day. 

Pear-Watermelon(Number 47) is extra special to me as it was the last Hookah I smoked before moving from California years ago. Since then I have been trying to get my hands on this amazing blend. Like many Tangiers flavors, Pear-Watermelon is a limited release so when you see it available, make sure to snag a bag or 10.   

This flavor is loaded with tasty goodness. You'll notice the overall essence of sweet watermelon that carries throughout the session, but what takes this flavor to 11 is the tart, almost sour pear flavor that will tickle your tongue even after you have exhaled. The balance of that sour tart with the smooth sweet melon makes Tangiers Pear-Watermelon unique all its own. Whether you are smoking it on its own, or mixing a little 96(Cane Mint) this flavor is going to hit the mark for you. 

You can see all the Tangiers flavors available, and pick up some Pear-Watermelon here Wholesale Tangiers Tobacco