Shisha Kartel logo with Guilty Gang character on paisley background

Shisha Kartel Guilty Gang Review

Find out how this cooling, zesty, and sweet mix from Shisha Kartel smokes...

The April 2023 launch of Shisha Kartel has gone off like gang-busters. You get a blonde leaf shisha tobacco with a fun and playful take on the extreme YOLO culture. This is a premium blonde leaf shisha with strong flavor and a medium to mild buzz. When it comes to Kartel, you are With Us or Against Us! The range features unique characters that embody the individual flavors. 

Shisha Kartel monogram logoShisha Kartel monogram logo

Guilty Gang From Shisha Kartel Tastes Like...

Lemon with mint leaves, pear and Shisha Kartel Guilty Gang bannerLemon with mint leaves, pear and Shisha Kartel Guilty Gang banner

Guilty Gang hookah tobacco hits immediately with a cooling lemon on the inhale. You will definitely feel the menthol in the throat that can be dialed up or down based on your heat preference. The tart lemon is pronounced as soon as you inhale, and on the exhale you will get a slight sweetness from the pear to give an extra dash of interest to the palette.

Guilty Gang Hookah Tobacco Mixes

Shisha Kartel Guilty Gang & Kiwi

I think the kiwi gives this sweet and tart blend some real body and a tropical foundation that really kicks.

Shisha Kartel Guilty Gang & Mint

Lemon with mint has been one of the go to mixes for decades, but this new variation will create something new.

Shisha Kartel Guilty Gang & Watermelon

 Looking for a sweet, cooling lemonade? Add some Al Fakher Watermelon to create a fruity lemonade cocktail for a little summer refreshment.

Buying Guilty Gang Shisha For Your Business

Shisha Kartel Guilty Gang character next to Shisha Kartel 250g and 50g boxesShisha Kartel Guilty Gang character next to Shisha Kartel 250g and 50g boxes

Retailers may have more luck introducing these flavors in the quick and convenient 50g packages. We sell them in the 500g 10 pack cartons making it easy and economical to bring in the new line to see if it takes off in your shop. When it does, most Shisha Kartel buyers will want to grab the 250g because of the economical value of buying Kartel in bulk.

Guilty Gang In Your Hookah Bar

Lemons and pearsLemons and pears

For your hookah cafe, the 250g size is the best option for now. We anticipate kilos coming soon, but with 10-15 servings in the 250g there is still a huge ROI. Guilty Gang and its mixed variations will get hookah fans on board with Shisha Kartel. If you are the only spot in town with this new brand and these custom mixes, you have an edge over all the other lounges in the area.