Social Smoke White Gummy Bear Shisha Tobacco Review

Social Smoke White Gummy Bear Shisha Tobacco Review

Now here's a flavor that might blow your hair back! Social Smoke White Gummy Bear was devoloped to enhance the beautifully tropical pineapple flavor profile from one of your favorite snacks. Check out this quick video review of White Gummy Bear...


White Gummy Bear, An essential of the Social Smoke Line Up

Social Smoke has been on the market for since the late 2000's and has built the brand into a global success.  Social Smoke is a modern "American" style shisha. What does that mean?...Well, American shisha tobacco tends to be very smooth and easy to use.  The flavors are rich and exotic with more of an artistic approach to flavoring vs. trying to mirror 1 specific flavor profile, such as plain ol' Orange. The flavors tend to be sweet and the clouds are thick and milky.

Now that we know what Social Smoke tobacco is, let's get to flavor profile of White Gummy Bear. You will immediately notice the intense pineapple aroma when you open the jar. The flavor profile also includes a sweetness that gives you a great balance of fruit and dessert. 


Social Smoke White Gummy Bear is available in 100 gram tins and 250 gram tins, great for Hookah Retailers, and Kilogram (1000 gram) Tubs for all you Hookah Lounge operators. With a flavor like this, you are definitely going to need to stock the kilos!