Starbuzz Passion Fruit Shisha Flavor Review

Starbuzz Passion Fruit Shisha Flavor Review

Starbuzz Passion Fruit might be the best tropical fruit shisha we have ever tasted. It's true to the natural flavor and has a sour kick that's unique to this flavor. Watch us smoke a bowl and describe this tropical explosion of flavor...

Passion Fruit, Starbuzz Tobacco's New Tropical Shisha

We were excited to get the first look at this new blend of premium Starbuzz hookah tobacco. The flavor is so strong, and maintains is powerful tropical kick all the way the very end. This is a perfect flavor match to rich, tart and tangy passion fruit. If you have not had passion fruit before, imagine a blend of pineapple, guava, citrus and perhaps some super ripe sweet mango all rolled into one tropical explosion of flavor. But, this blend isn't has a sour finish just like real passion fruit. We got about an hour long session and the flavor was still going strong. 

If you have tried the Passionfruit Mojito from Starbuzz in the past, just forget about it.  This is a completely different flavor and in our opinion it's a huge improvement and much more enjoyable to smoke.  We have done some experimenting and if you want to reach the peak of Hawaiian flavor, add some pineapple and guava.  It's an extremely popular drink in Hawaii and when we smoked it, I could feel that Waikiki surf on my toes on sun on my face.

Check out video review of Starbuzz Passionfruit.  We loaded into a Samsaris Vitria bowl and used a Kaloud Lotus and cubes of Coco Brico.  The hookah is the Shika Dual Electro legend and we paired that up with our latest favorite silicone hose, the ripper!

You can buy Passion Fruit in 100g tins, 250g tins and 1 Kilo (1000g) tubs!

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