Tobacco-free Shisha Alternatives: Beamer Ice Drops, Steam Stones, Herbal Shisha, and eHookahs

Whether you run a lounge or a retail smoke supply shop, you are bound to run into a customer that is looking for a tobacco-free option.

Whether you run a lounge or a retail smoke supply shop, you are bound to run into a customer that is looking for a tobacco-free option. Sure, eHookahs are a fun alternative, but what else could you offer that will help yeild higher profit? There are a few tobacco-free shisha alternatives on the market that can be used with a hookah; these are a great way to move some hookah products while giving the customer what they want.

What Shisha Alternatives Should You Carry in Your Hookah Lounge or Hookah Shop?

Beamer Ice Drops

Beamer Ice Drops are small pieces of gel that have been injected with glycerin and other flavor fluids that when heated with hookah charcoal, produce steam instead of smoke. This method is great for hookah lounges in cities with indoor smoking bans, or for customers who want to use their traditional hookah with a tobacco and nicotine-free product.



Hookah Steam Stones

This product is the same general conceit as the Ice Drops; these are pourous minerals (stones) that have been pressure injected with glycerine and flavor. Essentially, the same stuff that is used in shisha tobacco to make it wet and tasty. With no tobacco or nicotine, these are great to smoke indoors. There are a few brand to choose from, but the most popular ones currently include Shiazo Steam StonesStarbuzz Steam Stones, and Hydro Hookah Vapor Stones.


Herbal Shisha Tobacco

We offer several great herbal shisha options such as the Fantasia Herbal ShishaHydro Herbal Shisha and Al Fakher Herbal Shisha. Hydro specializes specifically in herbal shisha while Fantasia and Al Fakher offer up some of there most popular flavors minus the nicotine and tobacco content.


Vaping and eHookah Alternatives

We also offer another e-liquid alternative; the Smoke Free Pyramid E-Hookah. This is an electronic device that will sit on top of your hookah bowl and vaporize any of the nicotine free e-liquids that we carry. Your customers will smoke vape through a hookah hose so that they get the same authentic experience as they normally would.

Along the same lines as the Smoke Free Pyramid, we also offer the disposable and rechargeable E-Hookahs and the Starbuzz E-Hose. We also offer many of the top brands of disposable E-hookahs such as Starbuzz, Fantasia, Smooth, and Tsunami.


How To Use Shisha Alternatives

Both the Ice Drops and the Hookah Steam Stones are very simple to use. The only catch is that you really need to use a Vortex Bowl or Phunnel Bowl. This is because it's essential for the gel/stones to retain their liquid for as long as they can (helps extend the session), and those bowl styles with help with that. Also, beacuse these are 'juicy' products, a traditional Egyptian bowl will cause the liquid glycerin to leak out over the hookah stem. Not only are the Vortex and Phunnel bowl more effective, but it's a great upsell for your business.


Just fill a bowl like you would with shisha, cover with foil, and add hookah coals. Another benefit to these products is that they are very hard to overheat. In fact, their clouds can be more productive if there is more heat added than there would be to a traditional shisha.


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