Top 15 Best Shisha Flavors from Ugly Hookah Tobacco
Top 15 Best Shisha Flavors from Ugly Hookah Tobacco
Ugly Tobacco has some of the most unique flavors and eye catching packaging, which has made them a great option for retailers and hookah bars looking for a product line that will separate them from their competition. Check out the best selling flavors in both 100g and 250g jars, and watch the video for a condensed version!



Ugly Tobacco is a boutique brand of 100% American made shisha that is hand crafted in small batches. This line has premium flavors that you just can't find anywhere else, and we love just about all of them. The high quality jars and labels give this product line a distinct look on the shelf, while their unique 500g half kilo bags are perfect for lounges and give you one of the best dollar for dollar buys in the industry.  We ran through the sales reports to give you the best selling flavors, broken down by size. If you have any questions just let us know!

These flavor rankings were updated on November 4th, 2020 based on our sales data.


Best Selling Ugly Hookah Tobacco in 100g Jars

1. Blue Magic

2. Watermelon Mint

3. Sgt. Huckleberry

4. Orange Keef

5. Purple Breeze

6. Hit Me

7. Mint

8. Lemon Mint

9. Mawardi

10. Desert Storm

11. Island Mama

12. Marcoje

13. Happy Hour

14. Hurricane

15. Rollercoaster



Best Selling Ugly Shisha Flavors in 250g Jars

1. Hit Me

2. Blue Magic

3. Orange Keef

4. Watermelon Mint

5. Rollercoaster

6. MaWardi

7. Pomegranate

8. Sgt. Huckleberry

9. Desert Storm

10. Island Mama

11. Secret Agent

12. Apple Apple

13. Mawardi

14. Rollercoaster

15. Happy Hour


 Best Selling 500g Pouches of Ugly Shisha tobacco

 1. Orange Keef

2. Triforce (Blueberry, Mint and Grapefruit)

3. Hurricane