Traditional vs. Modern - Which Hookah Is Best?

Traditional vs. Modern - Which Hookah Is Best?

Having trouble getting the best results with your Tangiers? Maybe you are new to the brand and don't know where to start. Don't worry, we've got you covered with a full breakdown on how to load and pack this wonderful shisha brand!

A good friend recently visited me. He had just come back from the Middle East, so when I told him I was going to load a hookah he was more than a little surprised to see my Mya Helix. In his mind, hookahs were tall, with wide bases, slender stems, and multiple hoses.

So what is a hookah these days? And which is better, traditional or modern hookah design? We show you a couple of each. Bottom line: you should stock both kinds. 


Traditional vs. Modern Hookah


Lunar Hookahs

The Lunar 3-Hose Hookah is the essence of a traditional hookah. This hookah is perfect for a group gathering, featuring a rotating hub and multiple hose configurations that makes sharing a bowl with friends both fun and easy. The intricately lathed silver stem, wide tray, and Egyptian bowl are all essential to classic hookah design. Nothing will say "we sell hookah" like having a classic hookah on display in your shop or lounge. 

The model shown here has three Cobra hoses. The Lunar Hookah Pipe is available with five different types of hoses, and in configurations of 1-4 hookah hoses. 


Mya Coppa Hookah

The Mya Coppa Hookah  vaguely resembles a tea pot, or maybe a coffee cup. If it didn't have a hookah hose attached to it, many people probably wouldn't even be able to figure out what it was. But for hookah enthusiasts, this little gem of modern hookah design boasts a lot of features that they will appreciate. 

First of all, the attached handle makes carrying it a breeze. Secondly, if features Mya's new bowl design, which is super-cool. This new bowl is perfect for loading small bowls, and the attached lid negates the need for using foil. 

The Mya Coppa is the perfect hookah for when you want to enjoy a bowl by yourself. 



Furat Hookah

The Furat Hookah is the traditional alternative to a hookah like the Mya Coppa. Compact and portable, the Furat is an affordable hookah option for anyone looking for a no frills hookah that delivers quality smoke and classic design. 

Available in four colors and discounted multi-packs. 


Square E-Head

The Square E-head will work with any hookah that has a normal stem. (For some Mya hookahs, you will need to use a (Mya bowl adapter). Regardless of what model of hookah you put the E-Head on, once it's on there you're definitely smoking modern style. 

The E-Head vaporises e-liqiuds, and with the ability to adjust your voltage levels, you essentially are given digital control over heat management. 


Kaloud Lotus

The Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System is a great way to modernise any hookah. Eliminating the need for wind covers and foil, this is a must have accesory that will improve the smoking quality of any hookah pipe. 


Pharaoh Hookah - 3-hose

The Pharaoh 3-Hose Hookah is another traditional hookah with a multi-hose configuration. The picutred pyramid vase design evokes the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt. 

The Pharaoh hookah is available with multiple color and vase designs. Add in four diffent hose model options and we're talking a lot of options for this classic hookah design.