Trifecta Dark Leaf Tobacco- Quickly becoming a global favorite

Trifecta Dark Leaf Tobacco- Quickly becoming a global favorite

Trifecta Dark Leaf is the bad boy in the Trifecta family. This is a very robust, dark leaf shisha with a higher nicotine content than the Trifecta Gold line. The flavor range is similar to the Blonde line, but each blonde flavor is slightly tweaked, fortified with bold tobacco notes and extra buzz and renamed to create this unique lineup of heavy hitting shisha flavors. Tread lightly if you are new to shisha, this batch has put a few noobs on the floor!

Trifecta Dark Leaf- If you don't carry it already, you're missing out.


In any business, staying up to day with the ever changing market is extremely important. Hookah is no different and if we are talking top of the line shisha, we simply must talk about Trifecta Tobacco, the dark line to be specific.  Maybe you've tried the amazing blonde line from Trifecta before, but did you know they have one of the best Dark leaf shisha lines on the market today?  Hookah smokers have been demanding more and more top quality dark leaf shisha and Trifecta is perfect for this.


What is Trifecta Dark Leaf Tobacco?

Trifecta uses premium dark leaf tobacco to make their Dark line. That means you will get a fuller smoke, slightly more tobacco notes, and extremely long lasting flavor. They have a lot of cross over flavors from their blonde line, although the names are a bit different. They also feature some exclusive flavors you won't find in the blonde line like Dirty Mint, or our own Hookah Wholesalers exclusive flavor Natural Order. Trifecta Dark is not as crazy heavy on the nicotine and buzz as some other dark leaf brands out there which makes it a great line for the person looking to get into dark leaf tobacco for the first time.  Your customers are going to love the full bodied flavor, thick clouds, and extra long sessions with Trifecta Dark


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Here are some of the available flavors and a short description of each. 

Apple Pie - Green apples with cinnamon and other spices
BDH - We don't know what it stands for, but its a Melon blend with a little peach
Cool Cinnamon Gum - A sweet cinnamon mint mix
Death by Ice - Peppermint mixed with COLD, COLD, COLD menthol
Deja Dew - Lemon Lime mix, like that intense green soda
Durty Mint - Extremely Cold yet smooth Mint with nice tobacco undertones
Enigma - Berries with notes of herbs like Basil and other spices
Lavender Mint - A lightly floral mint
Morning Glory - Dark coffee with a little sweet cream
Natural Order - Sweet Melon with hints of Lime, Mint, and a secret ingredient 
Orange Seville Coffee - Rich coffee with bright notes of sweet orange
Pulp Friction - Bright, sweet orange
The Twist - A mix of citrus mint and melons
TKO - Chocolate Hazelnut, like that awesome spread you tried in Europe that time
True Grape - Classic white grape, crisp and mildly sweet