Trifecta Grapefruit Shisha - New Hookah Flavor Review

Trifecta Grapefruit Shisha - New Hookah Flavor Review

Trifecta's New Grapefruit shisha is a blast of citrus perfection. Check out this video review where we do a deep dive into the newest flavor of Trifecta dark leaf tobacco...

Grapefruit - Trifecta Tobacco's Fresh Citrus Perfection

Trifecta Dark Leaf Tobacco is an excellent hookah tobacco for new and experienced Dark Leaf smokers alike because it's extremely flavorful, easy to prepare and produces huge clouds. Today, we take a closer look at their newest release, Grapefruit.  This isn't your average single note grapefruit. Trifecta Dark Leaf Grapefruit gives you one of the most balanced citrus flavors out there today. On the inhale you'll get delightful zesty, slightly tart grapefruit. As you exhale though, a perfect amount of sweetness comes in to balance everything out and leave your taste buds craving that next pull. If you are a bit wary of trying a grapefruit flavor, Trifecta Dark Grapefruit is the perfect place to start. 

Being so well balanced makes Trifecta Grapefruit extremely versatile. Not only is it incredible on its own, it also works as a fantastic mixer. The bright notes of Trifecta Grapefruit blend perfectly with flavors like Blueberry, Raspberry, and something special seems to happen when we mix it with Trifecta Blonde Nawar. You'll have a great time creating your new favorite mix with Trifecta Dark Grapefruit.

For all of you hookah lounge operators out there, DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS FLAVOR!  I guarantee that putting this flavor on your menu will blow your customers away and really lock in some repeat customers who want to come back again and again for sessions like these...especially if you are the first hookah bar in your area to add this flavor to the menu.

If you are ready to dive in, you can find all of our Trifecta Dark Leaf Shisha here.

As always, this is our opinion and we would love to get your feedback and reviews of Grapefruit Trifecta Dark shisha in the comments below.