Volume vs. Mark Up - What's Your Sales Strategy?

As a hookah retailer it is good to have a firm sales strategy in place. We'd like to suggest a proven strategy to help you boost your sales...



As a hookah retailer it is good to have a firm sales strategy in place. If you sell your hookahs at a high mark up, obviously you'll have high profit margins to go with that. But how many sales are you losing because people are passing on what is perceived as an excessively high price tag? We'd like to suggest using a strategy similar to what wireless phone carriers do: sell your hardware at a lower mark up. This will make your customers happy, and more importantly, when it's time to re-stock on coals, shisha, a new bowl... They're going to buy it from you. 

The other way to make money is buying in volume. We sell a number of items in "case" quantities. Buying in bulk saves you money, and effectively raises your profit margins. A great example of this is the Khalil Mamoon (KM) Cheops hookah. KM is the industry standard for hookahs, a brand that is internationally know for producing the finest hookahs in the world. We offer the KM Blue Apple Cheops at an increddible $59. But wait, there's more! Buy a 10-pack of Cheops hookahs and your price tag is reduced to $57 each; a 20-pack brings it down to $53.10/ea. Sell these bad boys at $99 and you'll make a good mark up, and simultaneously set your customer up in a world-class hookah for under $100. 

We sell cases of shishacoalshookah hoses... It's easy to see how you can increase your profits by buying in bulk. Most importantly, get your customer to buy a good hookah from you and they'll be coming back to you for all their future hookah needs. Having a great hookah at a great price, that they just can't pass up, is key to your overall profit strategy.