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The Complete Starbuzz Product Line - Hookah, Shisha, Coals, and Accessories

Starbuzz has been the biggest name in the American hookah scene for almost a decade. The sweet, delicious flavors are a staple of hookah lounges, smoke shops and traditional tobacco stores from coast to coast, but did you know that Starbuzz is more than just great shisha...

Starbuzz has been the biggest name in the American hookah scene for almost a decade.  The sweet, delicious flavors are a staple of hookah lounges, smoke shops, and traditional tobacco stores from coast to coast, but did you know that Starbuzz is more than just great shisha? Did you know they produce four distinct lines hookah tobacco with hundreds of flavors?  Have you seen their line of hookah stems, accessories, or tried their hookah charcoal?

We know that customers can be brand loyal and want to try products from a trusted brand name.  Here is a list of the depth of the Starbuzz product line.  If you have any questions or need any suggestions, please let us know!

Starbuzz Exotic Shisha Tobacco

Starbuzz shisha tobacco shown in various sizesStarbuzz shisha tobacco shown in various sizes

Starbuzz shisha started it all almost a decade ago.  This is their standard line of shisha and the best seller. You will find classics like Blue Mist, Safari Melon Dew, Sex on the Beach, and Pirates Cave. These flavors are light, sweet, and easy to smoke which makes them great for beginners but equally delicious for old pros!  

Sizes include 100 grams, 250 grams, and kilos. This tobacco is featured in almost every hookah lounge in the USA due to its overwhelming popularity. We recommend carrying as many flavors as possible, but if your space is limited, chat with us and we can help you pick out the top 10 or 20 best selling blends. You can also check out our Best Selling Starbuzz Flavors and Best Selling Starbuzz Bold Flavors for a head start!

Starbuzz Bold Shisha Tobacco

Starbuzz Bold shisha tobacco shown in various sizesStarbuzz Bold shisha tobacco shown in various sizes

You can see Starbuzz Bold from a mile away. This distinct line of hookah tobacco comes in a black tin to distinguish it from its cousins in the Starbuzz line. These flavors tend to be thicker and richer. Some Starbuzz experts claim the smoke is thicker and has a fuller texture. We will leave that up to you to decide. The flavors are typically more exotic blends and very intense.  Mint Colussus, Code Blue, Geisha, Queen of Sex, and Black Mint are some of our favorites!  Starbuzz Bold is Available in 100g, 250g, and 1000g containers.

Starbuzz Vintage Dark Leaf Shisha Tobacco

Starbuzz Vintage shisha tobacco jars in various flavorsStarbuzz Vintage shisha tobacco jars in various flavors

Starbuzz Vintage is here, and we are already seeing huge demand for this revolutionary new line of hookah tobacco. The shisha is made with dark leaf tobacco giving this group of Starbuzz flavors a rich tobacco, earth undertone that adds volumes of flavor. The nicotine level is much higher too so hookah newbies might have to sit down to smoke a bowl of Starbuzz Vintage. Dark Vanilla, Tiramisu, Delhi Tea, Gincko, and Fresh Lime are just a few of our favorites. The more we smoke the more we want! Is it possible to have a dozen #1 favorites?

Starbuzz Serpent Dark Leaf Shisha Tobacco

Starbuzz Serpent shisha tobacco bags in various flavorsStarbuzz Serpent shisha tobacco bags in various flavors

Starbuzz released a second line of dark leaf hookah tobacco to keep up with the growing market of hookah smokers looking for a more robust, slightly less sweet hookah experience. These blends have the same flavor mixing prowess that you can find among the rest of the Starbuzz shisha collections, but the dark tobacco leaves used to make these blends have a more earthy flavor tone and heavier nicotine content. Starbuzz Serpent is available in 200g pouches with retail display boxes that hold six pieces per flavor or you can purchase them individually. We love the artwork on these flavors, and they will definitely get some attention in your retail store.

Starbuzz Steam Stones

Discontinued Starbuzz Steam Stones jarsDiscontinued Starbuzz Steam Stones jars

Starbuzz Steam Stones are a great way to offer delicious Starbuzz flavors without the nicotine. This is a great alternative for hookah smokers looking to eliminate tobacco from their hookah habit. Steam Stones are not only nicotine free, they are also tobacco tax free!  This makes them highly profitable for lounges in states with heavy tobacco taxes that can kill profit margins and limit the amount of inventory you can keep on hand. Hookah lounges can use stones with hookah rentals and even mix stones with actual shisha tobacco as well. How do they work? The stones are pressure injected with the flavor and glycerin syrum that vaporizes under the heat of coals. You load them just like tobacco, so there is no change to your routine.

Starbuzz CocoBuzz Natural Hookah Charcoal

Starbuzz CocoBuzz hookah charcoal in various stylesStarbuzz CocoBuzz hookah charcoal in various styles

If you want high quality natural coconut coals, Starbuzz came out with CocoBuzz Coals just for you. These are the typical square briquettes that put off long lasting heat and virtually no coal or ashy flavor. It takes a few minutes on a stove to get these going, but it's well worth the wait. Cocobuzz 2.0 are the same great coals, but in cube form. Some smokers prefer the cubes because they last longer and put off more heat. There is no right or wrong, as long as you are getting the smoke density, heat and flavor you enjoy while smoking.

Starbuzz Quicklight Hookah Charcoal

Starbuzz Quicklighting hookah charcoal boxes in 35mm and 40mm sizesStarbuzz Quicklighting hookah charcoal boxes in 35mm and 40mm sizes

Starbuzz Quick Lighting Coconut Coals are new coals that combine the clean, odor free heat from natural coals with the convenience of other quick ligting coal disks. These coals are available in two sizes, 35mm and 40mm discs, to accomodate the heat and longevity preferences for virtually any smoker. Ignite the coals using an open flame cigarette lighter, stove top, or coal heater and within 1-2 minutes, the coals are ready to use.  You should see a thin layer of grey ash around the coal and the whole tablet should glow red.

Starbuzz Natural Coconut Charcoal for HMDs

Starbuzz hookah charcoal for HMDs in various stylesStarbuzz hookah charcoal for HMDs in various styles

With the rise of HMD’s, (heat management devices) Starbuzz created a series of natural coconut charcoals specifically for use in the Nar Head, Kaloud Lotus, and AO HMD 912.  You can pick up these coals with a Y-cut (…3 coals per disc) or with an X-cut that makes four coals per disc. It depends on your preferences for heat level and session length, but with either cut you can put these high quality coals to work in your HMD. Now just sit back and enjoy your sesh!

Starbuzz Mini Hookahs

Starbuzz Mini hookah in various colorsStarbuzz Mini hookah in various colors

Typically, the word "mini" translates to cheap/small/low quality in the hookah world. Not anymore! The Starbuzz Mini hookah is a premium hookah in a compact form.  The 19 inch hookah comes in a range of colors, includes premium accessories like a silicone hose and phunnel bowl, and is ready for a great session right out of the box.

Starbuzz Unicus Hookahs

Starbuzz Unicus hookah in various colorsStarbuzz Unicus hookah in various colors

The modern Starbuzz Unicus hookahs stand out with their bright colors, modern design, and huge cloud output.  But! don't let their size fool you. Many of these hookahs are compact but smoke as well as any large hookah. The Unicus has been a blowout seller for the past years so we can't recommend it enough. Retailers love the name recognition these hookahs provide and customers are excited to get a hookah that matches their favorite brand of tobacco. 

Starbuzz Chico Hookahs

Starbuzz Chico hookah in various colorsStarbuzz Chico hookah in various colors

Another hit from Starbuzz! Chico is Spanish for “small” but this little hookah can pump out some huge clouds. This pint-sized pipe has a modern look and comes with a washable silicone hose and black clay bowl. The Starbuzz Chico hookah is available in a variety of colors that really pop when lined up in a row on your shelf.

Starbuzz Carbine Hookah

Starbuzz Carbine hookahStarbuzz Carbine hookah

The Starbuzz Carbine hookah is a modern marvel of hookah function and design. The agressive carbine-like shaft and four telescopic legs that hold the smoke and water evenly on any terrain give this hookah a hardcore aesthetic. This hookah also rotates 360 degrees, making ideal for hookah bars and large hookah parties that want to show off the cutting edge of hookah design. Check out all these colors!

Starbuzz American Made Hookah Stems

Starbuzz Atlantis and Starbuzz Atlantis Ice hookah stemsStarbuzz Atlantis and Starbuzz Atlantis Ice hookah stems

Starbuzz Stems are 100% American-made using hi-tech materials and processes. But other than that, what's the big deal? Starbuzz stems use these advance materials to prevent 'flavor ghosting'. These stems can be quickly rinsed and when you load the next bowl, you can't taste a thing. Try it! Load a bowl of Mint Colossus and then try a bowl of anything else. You won't believe how clean the flavor is and how you don't get any residual flavor from the previous bowl. Plus each Starbuzz Stem comes with a 5 year warranty!

Starbuzz Silicone Hookah Bowls

Starbuzz Paradigm and Starbuzz Phunnel silicone bowlsStarbuzz Paradigm and Starbuzz Phunnel silicone bowls

The biggest innovation in hookah bowl technology in recent years has been the integration lab-grade silicone. Starbuzz is offering silicone hookah bowls in two styles. The Starbuzz Paradigm Silicone Bowl has the traditional "Egyptian" style and the more modern Starbuzz Phunnel Silicone Bowl has the "phunnel" style. Why do we love these bowls? The silicone does not trap heat, so the bowl will be warm, but not red hot. You can easily touch and remove the bowl without burning your fingers. The silicone is also pliable, so you do not need to use any grommets. The bowl just slides on and stays securely on its own. Try these bowls for long lasting sessions with thick clouds!

Starbuzz Beehead Hookah Bowl

Starbuzz Beehead hookah bowlStarbuzz Beehead hookah bowl

Here is a new bowl from Starbuzz with a unique artisanal look.  The shape is reminiscent of a bee hive, hence the name BeeHead. This bowl comes in brown, antiqued finish that is supposed to look like an artifact you found in an abandoned barn. The bowl comes in a nice cylindrical tube for an attractive presentation on the shelf. The bowl has holes across a flat bottom, similar to the "Egyptian style" hookah bowls.

Starbuzz Nar Head Heat Management Device 

Starbuzz Nar Head heat management device alongside box packagingStarbuzz Nar Head heat management device alongside box packaging

They make the coals, so why not the HMD to match! The Starbuzz Nar Head is the heat management device (HMD) from Starbuzz that not only helps maintain a perfect heat level but also reads out the temperature on the built in thermometer. The body and lid have handles so this item is easy to use and transport. The heavy mass makes it great for equalizing the heat, but you just might want to pre-heat it so you can get smoking right away when the coals are lit.

Starbuzz Hookah Charcoal Heater

Starbuzz electric hookah charcoal burnerStarbuzz electric hookah charcoal burner

Keep your kitchen or hookah prep area clean and neat with the Starbuzz Coal Heater. By using a high quality electric coil burner beneath a ventilated metal screen, the Starbuzz warmer is perfect for heating natural hookah coals safely and effectively. The coal warmer plugs into any outlet and is sturdy enough for commercial use in any hookah lounge but compact enough for any hookah enthusiast to keep at home in their hookah prep area.

Starbuzz Hookah Foil

Package of Starbuzz hookah foilPackage of Starbuzz hookah foil

These foil packs are hot selling accessories that make preparing hookah quick and easy. Starbuzz foil packs are available with pre-punched hose for convenience, or you can get the solid foil if you prefer to punch your own holes based on your heat management and air flow preferences.