Why buy from Hookah Wholesalers? 6 Ways We Help Your Business Succeed

The success of your business is our top priority. We view our clients as partners and understand that your success is the best result for both parties.

The success of your business is our top priority. We view our clients as partners and understand that your success is the best result for both parties. With that in mind, we developed a business culture and policy giving our retailers and hookah lounges the best possibility for success. Sounds great, but what does that really mean? Everyone is going to say they are the best, but not everyone will put these promises in writing.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Every product we sell at Hookah Wholesalers comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you ever receive a product that you feel is less than perfect, low quality, damaged or just not what you expected, we will fix the problem immediately. We hear horror stories everyday from retailers who got stuck with bad products from distributors that refuse to take back their own merchandise, send replacement parts, or even ship out lost or missing items. Who wants to deal with that? Every order you get from Hookah Wholesalers is guaranteed to be perfect. If for any reason you have a problem with your order we want to hear from you! When other suppliers want to duck, dodge or deflect any problems, we focus on solutions that will help your business run smoothly and most importantly, profitably!

Open 7 Days A Week

Do you work late nights? What about weekends? We are here with you! You can reach us 7 days a week. You can call us because we have actual hookah experts here in the office to answer the phone or return your call within minutes. We will be online using our live chat, so many of our customers find that method of contact easiest and you can always send us an email too. However you prefer to communicate, we will be here waiting during the hours below.

  • Monday - Friday:  9AM - 10PM CST
  • Saturday:  9AM - 8PM CST
  • Sunday:  11AM - 7PM CST 

Widest Selection

When it comes to hookah tobacco, hookah accessories and hookah pipes, there is no other wholesaler that offers as many brands and products as Hookah Wholesalers. You have almost unlimited options for you customers. We are the only wholesale hookah distributor to offer 20 brands of hookah tobacco and herbal shisha,  dozens of hookah charcoals, and hundreds if not thousands of hookah accessories like hookah bowls, hoses, glass bases, grommets, and all sorts of replacement parts.  You also get access to dozens of premium e-juice brands to meet the demand of the exploding vape market.

Fastest Shipping Speed

Turn around time for your orders is extremely important to keep your cash flow moving. We ship over 95% of your orders within 24 hours and often times your order can ship that same day. You will be pleasantly surprised by the speed and accuracy of our fulfillment, due to our staff working extended hours 6 days a week. If at any time you were to receive damaged or broken merchandise as a result of the shipping provider, contact us with 48 hours for exchanges and replacements.

We Love Hookah

If you are anything like us, you not only trade in hookahs, but we love and smoke them too! We are true hookah enthusiasts who smoke hoookah every day in the name of "Product Research." We can answer virtually any question regarding our industry with in-depth knowledge. This gives you a huge advantage in terms of knowing what products are popular, how to use products and advanced techniques that the big spending hookah enthusiasts want to know. You can even have your staff or sales team call us if your customers have questions or just want to know more about any of the products we sell.

Return Policy

Have you ever had trouble returning a product to a distributor? We are changing the way the B2B hookah industry handles returns and exchanges. Have you ever had a product on your shelf for 6 months and it just won't sell? Will any other supplier take back hookahs from a year ago and give you full credit? I doubt it! That is why we are different. We want you to be successful, and if changing out stale products for the latest and greatest will boost your sales, we want to do it! Contact our service team and we can make arrangements for your unused and undamaged merchandise you want to exchange. Upon receipt and inspection we will apply 100% credit to your account. All we ask is that you contact our team before shipping anything back so we can explain the process.