Starbuzz Serpent and Vintage Dark Leaf Hookah Tobacco

Starbuzz is well know for their sweet and smooth blends that are great for hookah beginners, but so enticing that long term hookah enthusiasts can appreciate their delicious blends. That said, the last few years has seen a shift in taste preferences, with a lot of more experienced smokers looking for a more robust tobacco flavor within the shisha as well as the heavier nicotine buzz to go along with it.

Starbuzz dark leaf tobacco blends include Starbuzz Vintage, their original dark leaf shisha. This flavor collection uses a blend of dark leaf and golden tobacco to create a flavor profile similar to what you smell in a traditional tobacconist or cigar retailer. Vintage flavors have a thick smoke, rich with flavor that blends organically with the oak, vanilla and smokey tones of the dark leaf tobacco.

Starbuzz Serpent is the latest edition of dark leaf from Starbuzz. Available in 100g and 200g, the pouches of Starbuzz Serpent uses a dark leaf and a unique "Kettle curing" process for dark flavor profiles, but also use exotic blends, hyper-stylized packaging and extreme flavor mixes to add something new to the menu.

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