Mya Saray Hookahs at Wholesale Prices

All Mya Saray Hookahs are designed for quality, aestheticsand sophistication with a 3 year warranty. With outstanding functionality and their sleek neo-classical design, customers will be as dazzled by the beauty these hookahs offer as well astheir quality. Coming in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and hoses, the Mya Hookah pipe is a great addition to any store. For price conscious smokers, their "Econo" line uses lighter, more cost effective materials to offer some of their best selling models at unbeatable low prices. Others include the ornate closoinne hose and Bohemian style European glass bases for the most elegant hookahs available today. The Mya Saray line represents quality, design, sophistication and discriminating taste.

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Mya Tut Hookah
Mya Tut Hookah
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