Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco Wholesale

Starbuzz Shisha offers premium hookah tobacco that has become one of the most prominent brand names in the industry. Starbuzz offers one of the largest flavor lists on the market, specializing in trendy cocktails and outlandish flavor names as well as a full line of traditional hookah flavors. Starbuzz is a premium shisha that is popular with casual and beginner hookah smokers because of their sweet taste and smooth, thick smoke. The tobacco is very user friendly and easy to create great tasting bowls without much practice.

Starbuzz Tobacco has extended their premium shisha into multiple lines with distinct packaging. For even more flavor, try Starbuzz Bold shisha. These flavors are intense and the tobacco comes in a black tin to distinguish this flavor line from the original. Starbuzz Vintage and Starbuzz Serpent are shishas made from dark leaf tobacco, which gives the line a heavier buzz factor and deep, earthy flavor notes of tobacco. If you want to see all wholesale Starbuzz tobacco, hoookahs and accessories, we have a great resouce for you.

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