Fumari Shisha and Hookah Tobacco

Buying wholesale Fumari shisha tobacco has never been easier. Fumari is one of the best selling modern shisha brands, and it's growth in recent years is bigger than any other hookah tobacco. With popular flavors like Fumari Blueberry Muffin and White Gummi Bear, these unique flavors are sure to 'wow' your customers! Retail stores love the price point of their 100g resealable "zip-lock" style packaging that keeps Fumari "strikingly fresh". Buying Fumari tobacco wholesale for hookah lounges is easy too. Fumari kilogram pouches are easy to store and are resealable, so your shisha tobacco stays juicy and flavorful.

Looking for the best of the best Fumari flavors? Find out our 20 best selling Fumari tobacco flavors.

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