Wholesale Egyptian Hookahs

Egyptian hookahs are the most popular hookahs world-wide because of their durability, traditional styling, and unparalleled "smokeability". Hookah Wholesalers is the largest manufacturer and distributor of the highest quality Egyptian hookah pipes on the market - GUARANTEED! Hookah Wholesalers manufactures Egyptian hookahs with 100% surgical grade stainless steel to produce hookah pipes that last a lifetime. The hookah shaft is hand-lathed in the traditional style by experience Egyptian artisans. Our collection of exotic glass bases allow our customers to choose from a wide range of hookahs in a variety of colors and styles. Your customers will love the flexibility in size, design, color and price!

Hookah Wholesalers now offers 5 hookah base varieties (Bell, Decorated Bell, Genie, Pyramid and Luxor) and 4 hookah hose options (Washable, Mod, Cobra and Nammor) with our Egyptian hookahs.

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