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Wholesale Nammor Hookahs

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Nammor Hookahs in Bulk

Nammor Hookahs came on the market in 2010. With the overwhelming success of the Nammor Hose (The first premium hookah hose to be truly washable, have an extra wide interior for airflow, and removable mouth piece for easy cleaning), the Nammor factory produced the best smoking Egyptian hookahs available to match the function of their premium Nammor Hoses. Nammor Hookahs are only available as a single hose for a more traditional style of smoking. They do not use any auto-seal valves which can impede the air flow. Nammor Hookah shafts are made with stainless steel, come with matching Nammor hoses, and smoke with the smoothest draw of any hookah.

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