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Oduman N5z Hookah

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Clear (18.5" Medium) N5Z Hookah - Oduman

Oduman N5z Hookah

The Oduman N5z features a very unique design. The accompanying stand that it sits on almost gives the glass the appearance of floating or levitating. Have you ever seen a hookah this cool looking? Neither have we!

Oduman Quality

Oduman hookahs are manufactured in Turkey using very high quality, heavy glass. Think of heavy duty glassware that you might find in your kitchen. These are perfect for those that like to enjoy the inner workings of a hookah. The clear glass will also make for an easier time cleaning. Each hookah goes through a rigorous quality assurance process before leaving their warehouse. The first thing you'll notice when you pull this hookah out of the packing is how solid it is. Thick glass and precise, stainless steel ports and connections insure an easy and quality smoke.

Oduman N5z Features

The first thing you'll notice is the incredibly futuristic design of this glass and the stand. You'll find their classic features such as the stainless steel components and a medical grade silicone hose. The stand is also equipped with a sleek hose holder so that you can rest your hose there instead of leaving it laying on the table to fall off. A diffuser is included for the downstem. The N5z also comes with an LED light that can be used when you really want to ramp things up. This is controlled by an included remote control.


18.5 inchesHose: 72" long; Silicone


72" long; Silicone


Not Included

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