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Hookah Nammor

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Gold Striped (47" Large) Beacon Hookah - Nammor
Nammor Chandra Goldstriped Hookah
Nammor Evangeline Goldstriped Hookah
Nammor Evangeline Silverstriped Hookah
Nammor Monolith -Goldstriped
Nammor Monolith -Silverstriped
Nammor Olympia -Ice Blue
Nammor Solitaire -Goldstriped
Nammor Solitaire -Silverstriped
Silver Striped (47" Large) Beacon Hookah - Nammor

Nammor Cleopatra Hookah Stem

This 29 inch, solid hookah shaft is one of the crown jewels of the Nammor line! The Cleopatra hookah has been a best seller because of the heavy duty shaft that is virtually indestructible combined with the extra large Cleopatra base. The shaft is primarily silver with gold accent bands that add a little extra bling. This stem measures 29 inches from top to bottom, including a 9 inch down stem.

This stem includes a large black rubber base grommet. We recommend large glass bases with an opening of 1.75 inches and at over 10 inches tall.

Add a Glass Hookah Base

Add a hookah base to your stem to create a new hookah at a great price. This collection of Large Shika bases gives you some variety to choose from and will add some Razzle Dazzle to your classic Egyptian Nammor Cleopatra stem./p>