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Golden Desert Stinger Hookah

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Golden Desert Stinger Hookah

The Stinger by Golden Desert is a sharp (pun intended) 23 inch medium sized hookah that has a universal appeal. The Stinger is on trend with some of the best and most popular hookahs in the industry with clean modern design and finish and newer technology that makes each session easier to get going and enjoy.

Stinger Design:

The Stinger is made out of a aerospace grade aluminum that features a partial ribbed design near the hub. All components are made out of stainless steel, including the down stem. If you've read anything about hookahs on our website, then you know that means it's built to last. The base is made out of a heavy glass and features a ton of elegant diamond style etchings. Topped off with a traditional, unglazed clay bowl and a matching washable silicone hose, the Golden Desert Stinger is one well rounded hookah that is sure to generate a buzz wherever it is smoked.

Stinger Hookah Specs:


23 inches


Aerospace grade aluminum, matte finish


Unglazed clay


Washable silicone


Heavy glass, diamond etched.