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Golden Desert Blaster Hookah

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Black (17.5" Medium) Blaster Hookah - Golden Desert
Blue (17.5" Medium) Blaster Hookah - Golden Desert
Coffe (17.5" Medium) Blaster Hookah - Golden Desert
Red (17.5" Medium) Blaster Hookah - Golden Desert
Silver (17.5" Medium) Blaster Hookah - Golden Desert

Golden Desert Blaster Hookah

One of the most common questions we get from retail customers is, "do you have any hookahs that come with a case?" It's not very common that a hookah comes with it's own carrying case or bag so it's super awesome that the 17.5 inch tall Golden Desert Blaster hookah does! The Blaster is available in give colors and packed full of many of their cool features and accessories.

Blaster Design:

The Blaster is a premium-build hookah on the larger end of the "compact" hookah spectrum. The shaft is made out of stainless steel and carbon fiber and locks into the base to create an effortless seal. The stainless steel down stem features a built-in diffuser that is going to create effortless draws and smoke clouds. Each hookah comes with an unglazed clay bowl and a medical grade silicone hookah hose that is completely washable. Best of all? It conveniently all fits in a nice quality carrying bag which will be a fantastic selling point to prospective buyers.

Blaster Hookah Specs:


17.5 inches


Stainless steel - finish options


Unglazed clay


Washable silicone