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LED Light for Hookah Base

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LED Lights for Hookah Base

LED Lights are cheap way to add spark to your hookah and vibes to your lounge. Available in both red and blue color variants, these long-lasting LED lights add a great ambience to a dimly lit hookah session. The lights come on a disc that features an area that sticks to the bottom of the base so that you get a nice warm glow throughout the entirety of the glass.

LED Lights at your Hookah Lounge

These LED lights will immediately catch customer's eyes at your lounge. Many hookah lounges are dimly lit or feature patios that are visited mostly after sundown. What better way to attract attention than everyone seeing these cool glowing hookah bases through your window or on your patio. These could also be a premium upgrade or featured only in the VIP section of your space.

Why carry LED Lights at your retail shop?

That's an easy one. These are the perfect add on at the point of sale! When a customer picks out a hookah they'd like to purchase, offer them these cool LED lights for the base at only $5 more. Or perhaps these are a fun free perk of buying a hookah over a certain amount of money? I.e. "Purchase any hookah over $100 and we'll toss in free LED lights for your hookah base."

How to Use your LED Lights

The LED lights come attached to a disc that fits underneath most large and medium hookah glass bases. You can peel the top layer from the disc to reveal the adhesive to adhere the light to the glass. The lights and baterries are located in the center of the disc. With a gentle push, you will feel the light "click" and the lights will activate. There are a few settings from solid light to a strobe effect, so have fun with it!

These items are priced to be disposable, so when the batteries finally die, just peel them off and throw them away. It might be possible to change the batteries, but we don't know how to do that or what size batteries you would need. We will leave that to people who used to work at Radio Shack and enjoy tinkering with micro electronics.