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Pharaohs Saber Hookah Hose

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Carbon Black Pharaohs Saber Hose - Pharaohs
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Carbon Silver Pharaohs Saber Hose - Pharaohs

Pharaoh's Saber Carbon Hoses

Pharaoh's ever growing product line is matched only by its increasing popularity in the hookah market. As their innovation and quality has increased, so has the demand. We are super excited to now able to offer their new line of Carbon hoses. These are 70+ inches long with premium build quality.

Saber Carbon Hose Design

The Carbon hoses are made out of high quality, medical grade silicone and anodized aluminum. These come in an assortment of different colors and are packaged in a beautiful Pharaohs box that will make them easy to display and eye-catching to potential customers. The Carbon features standard colors with the carbon style handle that will have them flying off the shelves. The medical grade silicon tubing will make flavor ghosting a thing of the past.

Carbon Hose Specs:


74 inches

Handle Size:

12 Inches

Hose Material:

Medical grade silicon

Hose Handle Material:

Anodized aluminum