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Bishop Phunnel Hookah Bowls

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Bishop Hookah Bowls

The Bishop hookah bowls are a new, updated version of some of the standard phunnel bowl varieties. These are more geared toward people who will use a dense pack on their shisha and will fit 15-20g, but they can work with a wide range of shishas. As always, it's best to experiment and find the perfect packing method for your preferred level of heat, nicotine and cloud density. The center spire has a 1 inch wide opening to maximize airflow and provide a better smoke with almost no restriction. This is an ideal bowl for smoking Tangiers, Trifecta or other dark leaf hookah tobacco.

Using HMD's or Foil with the Bishop Bowl

We tested this bowl with foils to figure out the ideal set up. With a dark leaf shisha like Tangiers, the foil set with a few Coco Bricos was very nice. It was virtually perfect when combined with an HMD like the Kaloud Lotus while using a blonde leaf shisha such as Fumari. The Lotus fits perfectly on the top and evenly distributes the heat and cooked the shisha to the ideal temperature for maximum flavor and cloud density.

Bishop Phunnel Bowl Size and Measurements:

Height: 4 inches
Width: 3 inches
Opening: 1 inch
Volume: 15-20 grams (dense packed)
Colors: Black, Blue and Red