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Sahara Hookah Bases

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Sin Sahara Base

Premium Glass Sahara Hookah Bases

These high-quality bases are all hand blown with unique shapes and designs that will compliment just about any hookah stem that you pair it with. Sahara bases are the perfect replacement vase for medium and large hookah stems. These beautiful glass basses are available in 7 designs offering up the ideal color and shape for any style hookah stem. The heavy glass construction and large fill capacity make these bases very stable, even paired with tall hookah stems.

Base Dimensions:

Oasis: 11.5" high, 1.4" openingAnubus: 11" high, 1.4" openingNile: 11.5" high, 1.4" opening Scarab: 11.5" high, 1.4" openingInfinity: 11" high, 1.6" openingSin: 11" high, 1.6" openingSurreal: 11.75" high, 1.6" opening