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Amira Hose Silicone Woodhandle

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Amira Wood Handle Silicone Hookah Hose

The wood-handled Amira silicone hookah hose combines the beautiful designs of natural grain wood with modern hose materials such as silicone and aluminum that results in a truly fantastic hookah accessory. Measuring 72" long, this hose is completely washable making it ideal in a hookah lounge setting. Just rinse with warm/hot water to wash out any stained or ghosted flavors and provide your customers with fresh-tasting smoke sessions every time. The natural wood designs look great on the shelf, too, making them a perfect premium hookah accessory to sell in your smoke shop.

The Amira Wood Handle silicone hoses are available in multiple colors and are compatible with any hookah that has a traditional-style hose port.

Amira Wood Handle Hose Specs:

Total Length: 72 inches

Handle Size: 14 inches

Hose Material: Medical grade silicone

Hose Handle Material: Natural wood with metal tip