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Pharaohs Dune Hookah Bases

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Aqua - Dune Pharaohs Base
Blue - Dune Pharaohs Base
Clear - Dune Pharaohs Base
Green - Dune Pharaohs Base
Grey - Dune Pharaohs Base

Pharaohs Dune Hookah Bases

Pharaohs Dune hookah bases are made with a wide, flat foot print and thick glass with hefty weight. This gives even your tallest hookahs a sturdy base to prevent your hookah from being knocked over or pulled down. These bases are sturdy enough to withstand the Giant Sandworms of Arrakis and keep your hookah steady enough to smoke while cruising the sands of the Sahara. Each glass base uses a bowed cone shape and includes artistic flourishes to enhance the aesthetic.

These bases will fit best with a medium to large hookah stem but we do recommend getting a variety of hookah base grommets to insure a tight fit. The last thing we want is you to receive these bases and be unable to use them because you don't have the $2 worth of base grommets and then have to order those and wait for arrival.

Pharaoh Dune Base Specifications:

Height: 12"Opening: 2"
Weight: 3 lbs 6 oz.
Color Options: Dark Blue, Dark Green, Red, Black, Clear, Amber