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Fumari Quick Silver Hookah Charcoal

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60 pcs Quicksilver Coals - Fumari

Fumari Quick Silver Coals

You eyes are not playing tricks on you, these are actual Japanese-Tab style, silver hookah coals that Fumari has brought back and they are awesome! Chances are you've not worked with these sorts of coal before so you'll want to know that they have more of a medium burn output and will typically last 30 minutes or so. Fumari Quick Silver coals are odorless, smokeless, and can be used indoors or outdoors without issue.

What's the best way to light Quick Silver coal?

Though they may not take quite as long as traditional natural style charcoal, these are best lit using a coal heater and not a lighter. If the heater is already hot, you can expect about 3 minutes to light and if not, closer to 5 or so. These coals can also ignite very well from each other so if you have one that is fully lit, simply place another on top of it.