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The Hookah Biz Blog - How to Stay Ahead in the Hookah Business

Download Welcome to the Hookah Biz Blog. The team at Hookah Wholesalers wants your hookah business to be the best it can possibly be. To help your store be more profitable, we want to share information that will help develop an enthusiastic customer base, share tips and tricks for running your lounge, new product announcements and reviews. We want to hear from you and your staff if you have any questions about our products or the hookah industry in general. Your direct feedback will help us create more useful information. If you have questions about a specific product, service, or hookah technique please do not hesitate to ask. We look forward to hearing from you!

Why Buy from Hookah Wholesalers - 6 Ways We Help Your Business Succeed

Whether you need customer service support or product expertise, Hookah Wholesalers promises to deliver on 6 business philosophies that will help your business succeed.

**Hookah Wholesalers Frequently Asked Questions **

How Do I Place an Order on

See our recommendations of how to contact us to place an order and how to format your order for the fastest processing and shipping times.

Can I Edit My Order After It's Been Placed?

Forgot to add something to your order? Just give us a call, and we'll help you edit your order!

Local Pick Up Shipping Info

If you live in the Austin area, find out how you can pick up your order and avoid shipping all together!

Do You Offer Same Day Shipping?

Yes, we do. But there are a few stipulations.

Do You Ship To Canada?

Yes, we do ship to Canada. This blog will help you select shipping methods and explain international taxes and costs. 

General Shipping Information

Answer all of your shipping questions, domestic or international, before you place an order.

How Do I Return a Product?

We are more than happy to help you get all of the products that you need, and replace any damaged items from shipping.

**Hookah Tutorials, How To's, and Hookah Hacks**

How to Set Up a Hookah

A step by step video explaining how to set up an Egyptian hookah from a box of parts to a smoking masterpiece.

How to Make a Fresh Fruit Pineapple Hookah

Follow this step-by-step guide to make a hookah out of a pineapple.  These hookahs can sell for a premium in your lounge, and it's something your customers will tell all their friends about.

** Hookah and Shisha Updates - New Hookahs, New Flavors, and our Best Sellers Lists **

12 New Hookahs of 2017 That We Love

With so many new products this year it's hard to keep up.  Here are 12 hookah gems you don't want to miss.

5 Mulit-Hose Hookahs from $10 - $45 For Retailers and Lounges

Here are 5 recommended hookahs for retailers and hookah bars looking to buy hookahs wholesale.

10 Winter Shisha Flavors for the Holiday Season

Take a look at our list of 10 flavors that might separate your hookah bar from the competition this year.

2016's Best New Hookahs, Hoses, Bowls and Shisha Revealed!

See new shisha flavors and the best new hookahs, hoses and other accessories that hit the market in 2016.

New Starbuzz Flavors of 2016 - Regular, Bold and Vintage 

See the newest flavors released by Starbuzz in 2016, including all 3 lines of shisha...Regular, Vintage and Bold.

Top 20 Best Selling Social Smoke Shisha Flavors

Find out which flavors make up the best selling top 20 of Social Smoke tobacco.

Top 20 Best Selling Fumari Shisha Flavors

These are the best of the best. One of our favorite shisha brands and the best flavors around.

The Best Selling Nirvana Super Shisha Flavors

This is the top 20 best selling flavors of Nirvana Super Shisha hookah tobacco

The Best Selling Fantasia Hookah Tobacco Flavors

This is the top 20 best selling flavors of Starbuzz Bold Premium hookah tobacco

The Best Selling Starbuzz Bold Flavors

This is the top 20 best selling flavors of Starbuzz Bold Premium hookah tobacco

The Best Selling Starbuzz Flavors

This is the top 20 best selling flavors of Starbuzz Premium hookah tobacco

The Best Selling Al Fakher Flavors in All Sizes

This is the top 20 best selling flavors of Al Fakher in 50g boxes that retailers need to know

Tobacco Taxes - This Tax Free Short Cut will Short Circuit Your Business

4 reasons never to buy tobacco products tax free from that creepy guy in a van!

The Best Products of 2015 - End of the Year Review

Here are our picks and recommendations of the best new products in 2015

New Flavors of 2015 - Your Losing Customers Without Them

Here is list with pictures of our newest shisha tobacco flavors in 2015.

The Starbuzz Guide - All Things Hookah, Shisha, and Vape

Are you selling lots of Starbuzz?  Why not expand this popular brand into new product lines including vape, hookahs and coals?

2015's Best Sellers - New Flavors, New Products and All Time Hookah Classics!

Check out the 10 best selling products of 2015.  Is your store selling the right stuff?

The Best New Hookah and Vape Products of 2014 - part 1 of 2

The Best New Hookah and Vape Products of 2014 - part 2 of 2

With so many great products released in 2014, you can see the top 20 new hookahs, vapes and more in the articles above.  

Hidden Gems of Shisha and Coals from Starbuzz Tobacco - Video Review Inside

We tell you more about 2 classic Starbuzz flavors and 2 new flavors from Starbuzz Bold, plus a comparision of Cocobuzz Coals and Cocobuzz 2.0

Best Hookahs Under $75

Keep your stock up to date, but don't hang your wallet out to dry!

Top 20 Best Selling Hydro Herbal Shisha Flavors in All Sizes

More and more smokers are choosing to use shisha alternatives. See the most popular Hydro flavors. 

7 Amazing Products Under $25

Want to stock some items that are profitable and will sell themselves? Check these out. 

The Best Summer Shisha Flavors

These shisha flavors are ideal for a hot summer day - cool, refreshing, and best sellers!

The Best Shisha Flavors - Starbuzz, Fumari, Al Fakher, Fantasia, Romman

See the 3 most popular, MUST-HAVE flavors of our best selling brands.

Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System - Which Shisha Bowl Fits

Make sure you have the right sized hookah bowl for your Kaloud Lotus.

3 New Nammor Hookahs - Extra Large Hookahs That Make an Impression! (Video Review Part 1 of 2)

These hookahs range from 36-47 inches tall!  The Nammor Waratah, Nammor Solitaire and the 47 inch Nammor Beacon.

3 More New Nammor Hookahs - Extra Large Hookahs That Make an Impression! (Video Review Part 2 of 2)

These hookahs range from 38-43 inches tall!  The Nammor Vega, Nammor Archon and the 43 inch Nammor Double Algebar.

Quick Light Hookah Coals - What's Changed and How to Order Ignite, Three Kings and Other Quick Light Coals

These products are labeled as "Hazardous Material" by the Dept. of Transportation.  We had to change how we sell and ship these coals.  Find out how easy it is to order these coals and don't forget the new lower prices!

Best New Hookahs, Shisha, Accessories and E-Cigs of 2013

Scan through this quick round-up of our best selling and most innovative new products from 2013!

10 New Nammor Hookahs that Rise Above the Rest!

Take quick look at 10 new Nammor Hookahs from 26 inches tall to 45 inches tall.  These are our highest quality hookahs that have new glass bases and include the amazing Nammor Hose.

Best Selling Shisha Flavors for the Fall Season

Try suggesting these delicious hookah flavors that can bring out the best flavors associated with the holiday season.  We have 5 Flavors from all of our best selling shisha brands like Al Fakher, Starbuzz, Romman and Fumari!

** Hookah Lounge HQ - Learn Money Making Tips for Your Hookah Lounge **

How to Start a Hookah Lounge and Simplified Hookah Bar Business Plans

Here is a quick template for how to get started with your Hookah Lounge Business Plan and traps to avoid.

5 Great Ways To Keep Your Customers Coming Back To Your Lounge

Simple Steps to maintain your loyal customer base and win over new regulars.

Which Hose Is The Best For Hookah Lounges? Washable versus Non-Washable

Ever lounge and shop has different needs, make sure that you have the best hose for your business.

Hookah Patio Rev's Up Hookah Revenue

See our quick list of 5 reasons to add an outdoor smoking section to your hookah lounge, bar or restaurant.

Tips from Bobby - Save Money and Increase Revenue at Your Hookah Cafe

What it takes to save money, increase value and speed up turnover of your space to increase profits

The Economics of Renting Hookahs - a Basic Cash Flow Analysis

A quick look at the cost and profits of renting hookahs

8 Tips for Higher Profits in Your Hookah Lounge

Learn the tips and tricks to making more money in your hookah bar, from upgraded equipment, to secret recipes, and more

Loading the Perfect Hookah Bowl - Tutorial Video Inside

Watch and learn as we load a bowl shisha in a Vortex and Phunnel bowl.

Hookah Mouth Tips Guide - Which Hoses Fit Which Mouth Tips

Learn which hookah mouth tips are compatible with your hookah hoses.  Never get stuck with the wrong mouth pieces in your lounge again.

The NuHose - How to Increase Hookah Lounge Sales and Deliver Better Flavors

Did you know that asking 1 simple question will boost sales at the checkout counter and give your customers a better hookah experience?

Tobacco-Free Shisha Alternatives - Ice Gel, Steam Stones, Vapor Rocks...

The future of smoke is changing how we hookah.  Tobacco-free vaping is more popular than ever, and this section of the hookah market is moving into the mainstream.

Hookah Lounge Buyer's Guide - Part 1 - How to Pick Your Lounge Hookahs

Learn what makes a hookah worthy of commercial use.  Stability, Durability, Air-flow, and Hookah Hoses are all factors to consider.  Save money by buying the right hookahs the first time.

Hookah Lounge Buyers Guide - Part 2 - Recommended Hookahs for Lounges

Don't buy the wrong hookahs and get stuck with a bunch of problems and replacements.  Get the right hookahs the first time!  Here are some of our recommended models for hookah bars.  Buy the right hookahs the first time! 

3 Tips for Making More Money with Less Effort

These simple tips can help you boost revenues and profits in your hookah lounge without costly upgrades and equipment.  Learn how to increase your rental prices by 25%-50% by offering a these simple upgrades.

**Hookah Retailers HQ - New Products, Best Sellers, & How to Increase your Hookah Business**

Tips from Bobby - 5 Top Sellers...Why aren't you stocking these products?

This is a quick list of 5 products that Bobby says you have to carry!

Tips from Bobby - How to Retail More Hookahs and Accessories

Tips and Ideas to increase retails sales of hookahs, accessories and shisha that anyone can do.

Retail Essentials for Every Hookah Shop

This is detailed list of what products will make you money and why!

Natural Hookah Charcoal vs. Quick-lite Hookah Charcoal

Know the differences so that you can be an informed salesperson!

Hookah Maintenance and Cleaning Tips For Hookah Lounge Owners

Basic cleaning tips to keep your lounge in tip-top shape.

Best Dessert Shisha Flavors - Hookah Wholesalers Employee Picks

These shisha recommendations are perfect for a customer looking for a sweet shisha, that is not fruit-inspired.

The Kaloud Lotus Hookah Screen - Which hookah bowls work best?

This amazing accessory is one of the best new inventions of 2013.  Here is a quick rundown of the best hookah bowls to use with the Kaloud Lotus

New LED Dream Hookah Base Lights Up with Stunning Colors (Video Review)

This new hookah base from Dream hookah has built in LED lights that glow and change colors while you smoke.  Check out the video!

Grow Store Profits with Hookahs Under $30 (Wholesale Price)

These low cost hookahs are great starter hookahs or secondary travel hookahs.  Low wholesale costs allow for lots of mark up.  Plus, you can hook a new long term shisha buyer who can come back and buy flavors every week.

How to Increase Traffic and Hookah Business in Your Store

Check out 3 ways to increase hookah sales in your store.  These are easy and fun to do, so let us know how they work in your store!

** Vapor HQ - Learn About New Electronic Hookahs and E-Cigarette Products **

What is the Starbuzz eHose and Why Should I Carry It?

This handheld, portable hookah is revolutionizing the hookah industry AND the vape industry. Jump on board!

Smokefree Pyramid Introduces Ultimate Electronic Hookah

This new device allows you to take a traditional hookah, and turn it into an eHookah! The Smokefree Pyramid creates smokeless vapor that can be used in any lounge...

E-Hookah Retail Display Stands Will Boost Your Sales

By putting these displays on your counter, you can easily add an extra e-hookah to any purchase.  One of these diplays features sample hookah pens and sanitary mouth pieces.

How to fix an E-Cig Battery - 3 Quick Tricks that Work  (Video Tutorial)

When an electronic cigarette stops working, what should you do?  We found that most of the time the battery is fine, it just needed a little adjustment.  Learn how to fix and Ego-T battery and turn your upset customers into happy customers!

Vocabulary of the E-Cigarette, E-Hookah and Vaping Industry

What's the difference between an E-Hookah and an E-Cigarette?  Clearomizer and Atomizer?  We go over the basics and beyond is this vernacular spectacular!

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