Nammor Old School Rotator Hookah

Nammor Old School Rotator Hookah

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Nammor Old School Rotator (1 hose) Hookah

The Nammor Old School Rotator hookah pipe is a classic, and one of the first hookahs we ever sold! These hookahs are the perfect size (30" tall), featuring solid stainless-steel construction and attractive styling. These hookah pipes feature an excellent design feature: they rotate! No more awkward passing the hose around a circle of friends, the Old School's hose glides as you "puff-puff-pass" to your friends. This is a perfect hookah for hookah lounge owners who want their patrons to have an easy and great quality smoking experience. Additionally, the rotating feature means there is a reduced chance of the Old School falling over, breaking, and making a mess! 

Each Nammor Old School Rotator hookah is made using high quality stainless-steel, which gives the piece its durable and strong characteristics. Stainless-steel will never rust nor corrode, and it is able to take a decent bit of punishment. Treat this hookah with respect and it will last you a very long time.

Nammor Old School Rotator Downstem

Like the rest of the hookah, the Old School's downstem is made from stainless-steel, meaning it will last just as long as the rest of the piece and that it is totally rust proof and corrosion proof. In addition, the downstem will never retain the powerful shisha tobacco flavor profiles that ghost after a smoke session. One quick rinse and the Old School will be ready to go for its next great session!

Nammor typically selects medium gauge downstems for their hookahs, as they have for the Old School. These downstems are known to produce great airflow for an enjoyable, traditional style smoking experience. While the level of airflow may not be the same as a larger, wide bore downstem, adding a diffuser to the end of the Old School's downstem will hugely increase the smoothness for a superior experience.

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