Nammor Evangeline Hookah

Nammor Evangeline Hookah
Nammor Evangeline Hookah PipeNammor Evangeline Hookah with Silver striped baseGold and Black Ripper Silicone hoseSilver and Black Ripper Hose
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**Hose must be purchased as separate add-on.**

Nammor Evangeline (1 hose) Hookah

The Nammor Evangeline hookah pipe is 40 inches of beauty, elegance, and incredible design, masking a hookah that will provide amazing smoke sessions for a very long time. Made from high quality stainless-steel, featuring copper and gold plate detailing, this is a hookah that will greatly impress retail customers and that will make a great impression in any hookah lounge. 

The stainless-steel makes this hookah highly durable and completely resistant to both rust and corrosion, it's not all just about looks. Able to handle a good amount of punishment, this hookah will live a long life if treated with care. 

Nammor Evangeline Downstem

Also made from high quality stainless-steel is the downstem of the Evangeline hookah. As durable and resistant to rust and corrosion as the rest of the hookah, the downstem will also never hold onto powerful shisha flavor profiles that can ruin the taste of future smoke sessions.

The downstem is a medium gauge, designed to give users consistent quality and traditional smoke sessions. While this smoke experience may not have the same quality airflow as hookahs with wide bore downstems, placing a diffuser on the end of the Evangeline's downstem will greatly increase the smoothness of every pull!

Evangeline Specs:

Height: 40"
Shaft: Stainless steel with gold/copper finish accents. 
Base: Gold or silver striped
Bowl: Clay Egyptian
Hose: Not included
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