Nammor Beacon Hookah

Nammor Beacon Hookah
Nammor Beacon Hookah with Clear Base
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The 47" Nammor Beacon Hookah is Yuuuuge

The Nammor Beacon hookah pipe stands at a majestic 47 inches tall, and yet is very stable, due to its over-sized glass base. These hand made Egyptian hookah pipes smoke as good as they look! Hookah lounges use these hookahs to differentiate their business from other lounges in their area. Who else is smoking 4 ft. hookahs in your area?

Are you a retail business? These hookahs will not only sell based on their size and amazing price, but these hookahs will go to work for you. When you display these towering masterpieces in your store window, in a floor display or next to your register, I guarantee your hookah sales will increase across the whole line....hookahs, shisha, coals and accessories.

Nammor Beacon Stats and Features

The Nammor Beacon comes straight from the heart of Egypt. These hookah pipes are hand-made in traditional hookah fabrication work shops.  ( I saw videos and I think calling it a "factory" is a stretch.) By using surgical-grade stainless steel to make the hookah shaft, you get a hookah that is very durable, well balanced and will shine up to look brand new for years. 

Each Beacon in paired with the original Nammor hose, or the XL Diamond Nammor.  Both are great hoses, fully washable and provide unrestricted air-flow to pump out clouds that match the size of this hookah.

Nammor Beacon 
Height: 47 inches
Hose: Large Nammor or XL Diamond Nammor
Bowl: Egyptian Style Bowl
Vase Colors: Black Gold Pyramid, Blue Glitter, Clear or Silver Striped
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