35% OFF Nammor Monolith Hookah Package Deal

35% OFF Nammor Monolith Hookah Package Deal
Shika Oblivion Phunnel  Bowl
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35% Off Nammor Monolith Package

Get 12 Monolith Hookahs for $449 - Save $19.58 per Hookah

35% OFF - Only $37.41 per Nammor Monolith!

Nammor Monolith Hookah

The Nammor Monolith hookah pipe blends stylish good looks with exceptional functionality. Featuring an attractive hand-painted base and a silver stem with black accents, this 41 inch tall hookah should satisfy the most discriminating hookah smoker. Part of what sets the Monolith apart from the rest are the distinctive cuts and ridges of the shaft, very precise and attractively rigid.

Made from stainless-steel, the Monolith is a strong and highly durable hookah that can withstand a few drops and should last quite a long time. It is also totally resistant to both rust and corrosion. The downstem of the Monolith is also made from stainless-steel, meaning it will never hold onto power shisha flavor profiles and ruin a smoke session.

Monolith Package Deal

We built this package exclusively for hookah lounges. Since most lounges already have their own hoses, buying a cheaper hookah without a hose is a great way to get more hookah with less money. The Monolith is available in 12 packs for massive discounts!

Nammor Monolith Hookah Bowl Upgrade

After seeing this hookah tower over almost every other hookah ever made, we decided it needed a bigger and better bowl. Now you get a Shika Oblivion phunnel bowl with each Monolith. These bowls are large and feature the phunnel design that keeps your flavors fresher, longer and also produces bigger clouds.

Height: 41 inches
Hose: No Hose Included
Bowl: Shika Oblivion Phunnel Bowl
Vase Colors: Clear with Silver Stripes
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