Nammor Waratah Hookah

Nammor Waratah Hookah
Nammor Waratah Shaft
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Seen with Gold-Striped Egyptian base above, Cleopatra style bases shown below

Green Base
Blue Base

Nammor Waratah (1 hose) Hookah

The Nammor Waratah hookah combines a stunning silver stainless-steel shaft with golden globe accent, and your choice of three different styles of bases. Standing at 42 inches tall, this elegant hookah combines exceptional function with superior design. The chiller ice bucket at the top of the hookah stem guarantees the coldest thunder clouds around!
The ice bucket is an awesome feature that gives users an incredible smoking experience, however it's not necessary to use it in order for the hookah to function. It is completely sealed off from the rest of the hookah and will never leak!

The stainless-steel used to make the Waratah gives it incredible strength and durability that is an added bonus to this visually gorgeous hookah. Crafted entirely by hand in Egypt, the Waratah is built to last! It will never suffer from rust or corrosion, and it's able to handle a few drops and bumps from every day handling.

Nammor Waratah Downstem

Not only does this hookah look good, it smokes well too! The downstem of the Waratah is, just like the shaft, made from stainless-steel. It is as strong and durable as the rest of the hookah, and it will also never retain powerful shisha flavor profiles that can spoil the flavor of a new smoke session. One quick rinse and the Waratah will be good to go!

The great smokability of this hookah comes in part from its medium gauge downstem, the same downstem used in most Nammor hookahs. It is chosen for the quality, traditional style sessions it creates - similar to what you would experience at a real Egyptian hookah cafe! The airflow of the medium gauge downstem may not equal that you'll find in wide bore downstems, but placing a diffuser on the end of this downstem will greatly increase the smoothness of every pull.
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