Pink Spot E-Hookah Liquid

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Pink Spot Vapors E-Juice

When you are ready to go gourmet with your vaping, it's time for Pink Spot Vapors e-juice. Featuring only the finest, USA made ingredients, Pink Spot e-cig refill juices are as good as it gets.
Our Pink Spot Vapors e-liquid blend features a 60/40 mix of kosher-grade VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol), and when nicotine is added, it is 99.86% pure Pharma grade. We stock four different nicotine levels:
  • No nicotine
  • Extra Low: 6mg nicotine
  • Low: 12mg nicotine
  • High: 24mg nicotine

All Pink Spot electronic cigarette refill liquid flavorings are food grade, and use no artificial coloring. We are currently stocking the 12ml sized bottles.

Pink Spot liquids will work in any refillable e-cigarette tank. We stock over 60 flavors, including the following:

Tobacco Blend Flavors:
  • Alberberry Blend:tobacco and Strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry
  • Coco Loco Tobacco:tobacco and Coco Puffs
  • Curious George:tobacco and banana
  • Honey Cured Tobacco:tobacco and sweet honey
  • Peach Pit Tobacco:tobacco and peach
  • Outlaw:pure tobacco
  • RY8:tobacco and buttery caramel
  • USA Menthol Blend:tobacco and cool mint
Cocktail Flavors (alcohol-free):
  • Appletini:green apple martini, with a splash of cranberry
  • Bikini Martini:orange vodka and cranberry, with a splash of citrus
  • Blueberry Mojito:mint and blueberry
  • Frozen Lime Drop:sweet and sour, with cool menthol
  • Fuzzy Navel:orange and peach schnapps
  • Jane's Wild Juice:pineapple, Amaretto, peach
  • Lemon Drop:sweet lemon
  • Pirate's Booty:rum and tropical fruit juices
  • Pina Colada:coconut, pineapple and rum
  • Tahiti Breeze:banana, coconut, pineapple
Signature Flavors:
  • Big Red:sweet bubble gum, with a hint of cinnamon
  • Black Mamba:blackberry, cranberry and citrus
  • Blu Spot:blueberry, pineapple and lime
  • Cantaberry Crush:cantaloupe and strawberry
  • Fire and Ice:sweet, hot cinnamon and cool menthol
  • G-Spot:grape, pineapple and lime
  • Grape Expectations:candy grape bubble gum
  • Happy Ending:buttery coconut
  • Hopscotch:butterscotch
  • Jamaican Me Crazy:tropical fruit blend
  • Lemberry Cooler:lemon and strawberry
  • One Love:vanilla and banana
  • Pear O Melons:pear and melon
  • Pink Spot:raspberry, pineapple and lime
  • Rip Tide:blue raspberry, strawberry and cool menthol
  • Sinna Pear:cinnamon and pear
  • Strawburst:strawberry Starburst
  • Surf Rider:coconut water, blue raspberry and cool menthol
  • Topless Beach:banana and peach
  • Tropical Punch:Hawaiian Punch

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