Pharaohs Foil Puncher
Pharaohs Foil Puncher

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Pharaoh's Brand Hookah Foil Hole Puncher

The Pharaohs Hookah Foil Puncher is a great tool that saves hookah smokers time by perforating 24 holes in the foil at once time. This eliminates the need to poke one single hole at a time, which means more time for actual hookah smoking! The Pharaoh's Hookah Foil Puncher is perfect for hookah enthusiasts and lounges alike.

Punches can be useful for hookah lounge owners who want to standardize their processes to make sure their customers are getting a consistent experience regardless of who prepares their hookah.  You may want to experiment with the right coal set up to coordinate with the pre-punched holes...or maybe you punch through the foil 2 times.  It doesn't matter what your set up entails, as long as you are serving good hookah and your staff can easily replicate the process.

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