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Titanium Hookah Charcoal Cubes, Flats and Cubettes

Titanium hookah coals are the new norm in the hookah industry. One of the few hookah charcoals to actually be 100% made from coconut hulls (no wood or other additives), Titanium charcoal features a unique, super dense construction that offers lower overall heat, more steady heat, and better taste. Titanium hookah charcoal will burn for about an hour and is available as either a rectangular (flat) shape or a traditional cube shape.

Titanium Flats come in box options of 16 pieces for quick retail hookah sales, 108 pieces for the regular hookah smoker looking for a good value, and the 10kg lounge box, specificially designed for commercial hookah coal consumption.

Titanium Cubes are available in 72pc boxes and the 10kg Lounge pack. Cubettes are available in a 120 piece box. All sizes and shapes (cube, flat, cubette) are available with discounted case pricing.

Titanium Coals for Hookah Lounges

Titanium provides both flats and cubes in large boxes designed for hookah lounges. Most lounges save money buy purchasing their charcoal in 10 Kilogram boxes, that save you money be eliminating the individual box packaging.

So why go with flats vs. cubes? That's a great question!

Pros and Cons for Cubes:

Pro: They last longer, so you spend less time swapping out coals.
Con: They last longer, so if you swap them out 1 time, your customer might stay for 3 hours. Make sure you are still selling them drinks or charging appropriately to account for all the time and space.

Pros and Cons for Flats:

Pro: It's easier to manage hookah rental times based on coals and refills. You only serve up the amount of coal that you need.
Con: You will have to do more heat management for customers and coal refills.
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