Premium Zelda Hookah 1 & 2 Hose

Premium Zelda Hookah
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Zelda Hookah 1 and 2 Hose Options

The Premium Zelda hookah is finally here, to slay high prices like Link fighting off Gannon in the Nintendo classic. What makes the Zelda so great? Well, the Premium hookah brand is known for taking high-end design and aesthetics and producing low cost hookahs with high end, dare we say "Premium" appearance. The Zelda stands 20 inches tall and is available in 1 hose or 2 hose at incredibly affordable prices for customers looking to buy their first hookah.

Zelda Specs:

Height: 20"
Hose: 58" long; wooden handle, metal tip
Bowl: Ceramic

Retailers love this hookah!

Not recommended for hookah lounges or commercial use.

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