Fantasia Air-Flow Hookah Coals

Fantasia Air-Flow Coals - All Sizes

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Fantasia has suspended production of their Air Flow Charcoals.  We will notify our cutomers by email when this product is available again.

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9-Piece Boxes - Coconut
9-Piece Boxes - Wood
45-Piece Box - Coconut
45-Piece Box - Wood

Now available as an instant lighting variety!

Fantasia Air-Flow Hookah Charcoals are the newest innovation in natural, long-lasting hookah coals. Using a patent pending design to increase air flow, Fantasia Air-Flow Coals light faster than standard block shaped hookah coal.

To ignite the coals, place them over a heat source, such as gas burner or electric stove coil. When the coals are glowing and the black exterior has been completely ignited, the coals are ready to use. The unique shape allows fresh air to circulate around the coals which regulates the heat and keeps the coals stoked as they burn.

Each coal will last roughly 45 minutes.

Available Sizes of Fantasia Air Flow Coals

  • 1 x 45-Piece Box Air-Flow Coal (Coconut, Wood or Instant)
  • 12 x 45-Piece Box Air-Flow Coal (Coconut, Wood or Instant)
  • 10 x 9-Piece Box Air-Flow Coal (Coconut, Wood or Instant)
  • 60 x 9-Piece Box Air-Flow Coal (Coconut, Wood or Instant)

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