Fumari Hookah Coal Heater
Fumari Electric Hookah Coal Heater

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Fumari Electric Coal Burner

Fumari is synonymous with great shisha, so you can rest assured that when they put their name on a hookah charcoal heater, it's going to deliver. The Fumari Coal Burner is the right tool for the job, kicking out 1100 watts of coal heating power that will get your natural hookah coals going in a hurry (under 10 minutes). And if you want to take your time with it, there is a dial so can set up a slower, lower heat. Built-in handles makes moving it safe and easy, and 24" long cable makes placement a breeze.

Using natural coals in your hookah lounge has many benefits:
  • Natural Coals do not produce odors that interfere with the shisha flavor
  • Customers will love the improved taste with every flavor in your hookah bar
  • Each coal lasts up to 2X the length of quick light coals
  • You spend less time refilling hookah coals
  • Natural coals are eco-friendly

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