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Three Kings Quick Lighting Hookah Charcoal

Three Kings hookah charcoals have been the industries most popular quick lighting coals for decades. Your hookah store and hookah bar can now offer these quick lighting hookah coals in bulk. Your store saves money when you buy Three Kings hookah charcoal by the case.

Three Kings Coals come in a box of 10 rolls. Each roll will hold 10 circular briquettes or discs of coal. You get a total of 100 coal tablets per box and hookah smokers will use about 3-4 for a typical session. That's around 30 sessions per box.

The coals are available in 33 mm diameter coals, which is the standard size of most quick-lighting hookah coals. They work with hookahs and bowls of virtually all sizes. 40 mm coals are also available for hookah fanatics that enjoy a higher heat level, longer sessions or are using larger bowls.

Shipping Three Kings Coal

These coals ship with UPSGround and do not require shipping by freight if you order less than 66 lbs of total charcoal with your order. If you order multiple cases, don't worry! Larger orders can qualify for freight shipping and this may be a cheaper shipping method with most orders instead of UPS Ground. Contact the Hookah Wholesalers customer service team for details or shipping quotes.

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