Nirvana Dokha Pipe Tobacco

Nirvana Dokha Pipe Tobacco

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Nirvana Dokha Pipe Tobacco

Nirvana Dokha is a modern twist on a very traditional Middle Eastern dry pipe tobacco. The Dokha tobacco has an extremely high nicotine content, that packs an immediate and heavy buzz. The smoke is very intense and first time users can really feel the burn...ohhhh it burns so good.

Dokha is often categorized as cool, warm, or hot depending on its nicotine strength and intensity of throat hit. All of the available Nirvana dokha we carry are warm blends, which is a medium blend of nicotine and dokha tobacco. Additionally, all of our Traditional Medwakh blends will be warm unless otherwise specified below.

To use Dokha, smokers use a thin traditional pipe, called a medwakh. These pipes can be very simple to exquisitely ornate pieces carved from camel bone and decorated with flourishes of gold filigree.

Medwakh Pipe Maintenance

Smoking dokha through medwakh pipes will build up a residue inside the pipe. Every Medwakh should be paired with a filter tip the keep that gunk out of your mouth! We highly recommend retailers included a full box of tips with every medwakh pipe sale. Customers should expect to change their filter tips with each new bottle of dokha. Running a pipe cleaner through the pipe after 5-10 smokes is ideal, but if the pipe becomes restricted, using a thin metal poker to push the blockage in to the bowl and wipe it clean.

Available Nirvana Dokha Flavors:

Apple Explosion - Red and Green Apple
Berry Blast - Mixed Berries & Mint
Citrus O.D. - Citrus Fruits & Mint
Not Now I'm Naked - Grape, Melon, & Mint
Punishmint - Mint
Redrum - Strawberry & Cherry
Schnozzberries - Mixed Berry
Skull Control - Passion Fruit Mojito
Mind F*ck - Tobacco
Smokin' Dead - Mint, Peach & Blueberry

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