15-25% OFF Al Fakher Crafted Batch Edition 250g Tins

15-25% OFF Al Fakher 250g Crafted Batch Edition
Al Fakher SE Crafted Batch Blend 4 250g  Al Fakher Special Edition Blend 7 250gCrafted Al Fakher 86 FlavorAl Fakher Crafted Shisha 22 FlavorSpecial Edition Al Fakher SE Blend 8 250g Al Fakher Special Edition JarAF Special Edition 250g LidCrafted Al Fakher Secial Edition Shisha Tobacco
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15% OFF Crafted Batch Al Fakher Special Edition
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Al Fakher Crafted Batch Special Edition 250g Flavors

The new wave of Al Fakher is now available, featuring a whole new line up, new packaging and completely modern spin with the quality and backing that made Al Fakher the worlds best know hookah tobacco. This new "Crafted Batch" has been in the hookah lab for years as the shisha masters at Al Fakher HQ perfected these mixes. Here's what you can expect; complex flavor combinations, new packaging with a dash of modern art, and huge flavor with clouds to match.

The Newest Crafted Batch Flavors

This fearsome threesome of flavors include Crafted Batch flavors #5, #22, and #86. We have enjoyed the "R&D" on the new flavors once they landed, so here's our take these shisha blends. Batch #5 is a tropical mix with pineapple and citrus flavors that are balanced with a sweet red berry or cherry flavor that is just dreamy. Batch #22 is a citrus-y lime mix with hint of blue agave tequila and eucalyptus effervescence to smooth out this masterpiece of olfactory perfection. That leads us to Batch #86, a rich blend for the adults in the room who want a sultry red wine with a dash of spice for complexity and a splash of lime to keep the mix vibrant.

The Orignal Release of Crafted Batch Blends

We have been smoking this line on and off for year or two as they developed the range of flavors. So far we fell in love with 08! This blend of lemon and lime has a delicious citrus flavor with a splash of green tea to add a dash of complexity. Just ask Adam R...He's probably got a bowl loaded right now. Blend 07 has a tropical blast of passion fruit and grapefruit that is a must.

Available Flavors of Al Fakher Crafted Batch

  • 04 - Mixed apples with a touch of spices and cool finish
  • 05 - We taste some citrus, pineapple, and raspberry.
  • 07 - Tropical notes of passion fruit with a tart grapefruit twist
  • 08 - Lemon lime blend with dash of green tea
  • 22 - So refreshing! Lime, tequila, and eucalyptus blend
  • 86 - Grape, mulberry, raspberry, and spices with some lime.

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