Nile Hookah 12 Pack
Nile Hookah 12 Pack 25% OFF

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Save Over 25% on 22"3 HoseNile Hookahs

The 3 hose Nile hookah is one of our best selling Egyptian hookahs of all time! This hookah is a hand made of stainless steel, not that cheap pot metal from Chinese imports. The Nile is 22 inches tall, not too tall or bulky to display easily, yet a large enough hookah that even serious hookah fanatics can showcase the hookah at home with pride! Each hookah comes equipped with a 3 hoses from Mya Saray, the pinnacle of premium hookah products.

These hookahs are built to last for years and smoke like a champ, so you can expect repeat shisha purchases from your customers week after week.

This 3 Hose Nile Hookah 12 Pack includes:
  • 3 blue silver striped bases
  • 3 blue genie bases
  • 3 green silver striped bases
  • 3 green genie bases

The Wholesale price adds up to $510if you buy them individually.

You pay only 379!

Retail MSRP is $1200! ($99.99each)

Realize over $800 in profit before any shisha or coal sales!

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