Cuttwood Vape Juice - 15ml & 30ml Bottles

20% OFF Cuttwood E Juice 15ml & 30 ml Bottles

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20% OFF Cuttwood E-Juice

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Cuttwood E-Juice - 15ml & 30ml Bottles

The folks at Cuttwood Vapors have successfully bottled all the good vibes of Southern California and, using only the best blends of ingredients, have created an top notch line of e-juices. Whether with the standard 70/30 VG-to-PG blend, or the slightly drier 65/35 VG-to-PG Boss Reserve blend, Cuttwood's e-juices are going to provide you with an exceptional vaping experience. The brand provides a variety of nicotine levels to fit your customer's preferences.

VG stands for USP vegetable glycerin, and PG stands for USP propylene glycol. The "USP" means these substances are of a food grade quality, and that these e-juices have a purity level not found in cheaper vape liquids.

First Rate Flavors

From sweet honey to mouth watering fruits, all of Cuttwood's e-liquid flavors feature complex blends that are uniquely mixed to produce some of the finest quality vaping experiences around. You owe it to your customers to provide them with these fine flavors, made with only the finest ingredients from here in the United States.

**Cuttwood E-liquid comes in 15ml and 30ml bottles (Boss Reserve only)
**Each flavor comes with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg (15ml bottles only) of nicotine.

Flavor Descriptions

  • Boss Reserve - 30ml Bottles Only - Golden honey grahams with nuts, cream & bananas
  • Mega Melons - Mango, cantaloupe & papaya
  • Sugar Drizzle - Cinnamon Roll with sweet milky cream
  • Unicorn Milk - Strawberries & Cream
  • Mr. Fritter - Apple Fritter

A Vape for every Level

Cuttwood has a vape to fit every smokers needs and desires. Whether your customers are just looking for the great taste, the massive clouds, or they're moving on from cigarettes, there is a Cuttwood e-juice for them! The 0mg nicotine content juices are incredibly smooth and are perfect for those looking for massive, tasty clouds and no throat hit. Sub-Ohm vapers will love the 3mg nicotine selection, which features a slight nicotine bite but one that won't overload the vaper when they're chasing those massive clouds. The 15ml bottles all go as high as 18mg of nicotine to produce that traditional smoking sensation with plenty of throat hit.

Maximize the Experience

Here are a few helpful tips to recommend to your customers on how to get the most out of their vaping:
  • A higher quality atomizer and battery will produce a higher quality taste.
  • Lower Ohm's will create massive clouds. Make certain the battery on the vape can handle the clearomizer's Ohm load.
  • With higher nicotine levels - 6-12mg - the Ohm level should be 1.2 - 2.1.
  • To create truly massive clouds aim for lower nicotine levels (0-3mg), use a 0.5-1.0 Ohm range, and be sure to use a Sub-Ohm atomizer tank - High Drain Batteries are a necessity when dropping to that resistance level.
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