Khalil Mamoon - Single Pear Short Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Single Pear Short Hookah
Single Pear Khalil Mamoonkhalil mamoon single pear short greenGold and Black Khalil Mamoon Single Pear ShortShaft for Gold and Black KM Single Pear ShortKhalil Mamoon Single Pear Short - HubKhalil Mamoon Single Pear Short - BaseKhalil Mamoon Single Pear Short - Hose
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Khalil Mamoon Single Pear Short Hookah

Sporting the popular pear adornment on the shaft, the 30.5" tall Single Pear Short hookah is a great hookah to add to any hookah lounge or retail store. The pear decoration, as well as the bases, come in a variety of colors that stand out beautifully against the shiny stainless-steel exterior of the shaft. Pick up a few different colors for your shop at our amazing wholesale price!

Single Pear Smoke Quality

Known far and wide for superior quality designs and consistently excellent smoke sessions, Khalil Mamoon has their trade down pretty solid. Part of the consistent quality they provide comes from the traditional style smoking experience they aim to give their customers, and a large part of that comes from the medium gauge downstem they use in nearly all their hookahs. Some may find that this traditional style features a slight airflow restriction, this can be easily altered by placing a diffuser on the end of the downstem.

Single Pear Stainless Exterior

Aside from the single pear decoration on the shaft, which is made of a sort of hard plastic, the exterior of this Single Pear Short hookah is made of stainless-steel - a favorite among hookah makers. Stainless-steel is incredibly durable, a completely rust-proof and corrosion-proof metal. As long as this hookah is treated well, it will live a very long life full of high quality smoke sessions.

Single Pear Quality Downstem

The downstem on the Khalil Mamoon Single Pear Short is also made of stainless-steel, giving it the same rust-proof and corrosion-proof qualities and lengthy lifespan. On top of these awesome qualities, stainless-steel will never hold onto powerful shisha flavors and ruin its next smoke session with mixed tastes. One quick rinse and the Single Pear Short will be ready to go for its next session. Great news for hookah lounge owners who need their hookahs' cleaning time to be fast!

Single Pear Specs:

Height: Blue, Red 32 1/2 inches, Black 32 inches. 
Stem: Stainless Steel
Bowl: Clay Egyptian
Base: Large KM Base
Hose: KM Standard

**Each Khalil Mamoon hookah is hand-made. Because of the unique attention that each hookah gets while being crafted, you might find variations in detail from what is pictured on the website. These differences are subtle and might include coloration/design on base, weld spots, etc. These add to the uniqueness of the hookah and will no way affect how well the hookah smokes.**
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