Khalil Mamoon - Shamadan Ice Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Shamadan Ice Hookah
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Khalil Mamoon Shamadan Ice Hookah

Modeled after a traditional Egyptian belly dance prop of the same name, the Khalil Mamoon Shamadan Ice hookah is a 33" tall hookah pipe that features an elegantly designed shaft topped off by an ice chamber. The ice chamber is designed to be filled with - you guessed it - ice, which serves to cool down smoke as it moves from the bowl and down the downstem, giving the user a wonderfully chilled smoking experience. The Shamadan Ice comes with either a gold or silver shaft (the ice chamber is always silver) and a variety of base color options.

Shamadan Ice Smoking Experience

The ice chamber feature of this hookah will produce an incredible, cool smoking experience for the user. The ice chamber does not need to be used for the hookah to function properly, although it does enhance the experience. The lid to the ice chamber also doubles as the coal tray for the hookah.

Khalil Mamoon has become renowned throughout the hookah world for beautifully detailed hookahs that give smokers consistently quality smoke sessions. They provide this consistent quality by using the same medium gauge downstems in nearly all their hookahs; these downstems are used to provide a more traditional style smoking experience. To some, this may feature a slight airflow restriction that can be easily countered by putting a diffuser on the end of the downstem. The use of a diffuser will increase the smoothness of every pull, as well as reducing the rumble noise from the hookah.

Shamadan Ice Specs:

Height: 33"
Shaft: Stainless steel w/ ice bucket
Base: KM silver striped
Bowl: Egyptian clay
Hose: KM rainbow hose
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