Khalil Mamoon - Black Shareef Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef Hookah
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Khalil Mamoon Black Shareef (1 hose) Hookah

The night is dark, and full of terrors. But if you've got the Black Shareef with you at least you'll be able to smoke some shisha. This dark 33" tall hookah pipe is a commanding presence in any hookah collection, and will strike your customers with its elegance, its beauty, and its striking shaft design. This dark black hookah is unique among the Khalil Mamoon collection for its color, and will be an excellent addition to any hookah lounge's arsenal or to any retail store's shelves. Pick some up at our unbeatable wholesale prices.

The Dark Shareef's Design

Built like an ominous yet elegant, rigid candlestick, the Black Shareef is a beautiful hookah made from high quality stainless-steel and given a coat of textured black finish to give it its dark gleam. This stainless-steel makes the Shareef incredibly durable, and totally resistant to rust and corrosion. The Black Shareef can withstand the bumps and bangs of everyday handling and still maintain exceptional functionality. This hookah includes the classic Khalil Mamoon signature hose, and the hose port on this hookah is a wide-bore, meaning it can work with almost any hookah hose provided you use the right grommet.

Smoking the Black Shareef

The downstem on the Black Shareef is black and is built with the same high quality stainless-steel as the rest of the hookah. Khalil Mamoon is highly regarded for producing top notch hookahs that put out great smoke sessions, and a large part of their consistent success is from the medium gauge downstems they use in the majority of their hookahs. They choose these downstems for the traditional style experience they create, similar to the hookahs you might smoke on the streets of Cairo, Egypt. Some may find that this traditional experience includes a slight restriction to the airflow, which can be easily fixed by adding a diffuser to the bottom of the downstem. This diffuser is used to greatly increase the smoothness of each and every pull, as well as to quiet the rumble noise for a whisper quiet smoke session.

The use of stainless-steel for the downstem means it is, like the exterior, rust-proof and corrosion-proof and should last as long as the rest of the hookah. On top of this, stainless-steel will never retain the powerful shisha flavor profiles smoked with the hookah. No more ghosting flavors ruining smoke sessions; one quick rinse and the Black Shareef will be rid of all flavor profiles and ready for its next smoke session.

Black Shareef Specs

Height: 33"/30" (Short Version)
Shaft: Stainless steel, premium black finish
Base: Black Striped or Black (Short version)
Bowl: Egyptian clay
Hose: Signature KM
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